Editor's note: Brad Wiegmann is a Beaver Lake fishing guide and tournament angler reporting from Rogers, Ark., and the FLW Open Tournament Event on Beaver Lake.

Oklahoma angler and YUM pro staff member Jason Christie pitched and flipped his way to fourth place at the FLW Open tournament on rain swollen Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. Christie’s game plan coming into the tournament was to fish for largemouth in hard to reach places -- to go for broke and ignore the spotted and smallmouth bass. This strategy worked well for three days. Unfortunately it was a four day tournament, and he brought only three bass to the final day weigh-in.

“The goal for me was to catch five fish and I just hit a dry spell," Christie said. “I got locked into one area and should have run to new water.”

While other competitors were bringing in small limits of spotted bass, Christie’s target was largemouth, which on average are larger than spotted or smallmouth bass, in the mid-section of the lake. He felt that if he focused solely on largemouth, he stood a better chance of winning the event -- as long as he brought in a limit each day.

Christie had two key baits that he fished with in the tournament, a YUM Tube and YUM Wooly Hawg Craw. He fished in heavy cover and relied on an XCalibur tungsten weight to punch thru the debris-covered pockets, 25-pound Silver Thread to keep the fish from breaking off and a strong Falcon Cara 7-foot, 3-inch heavy action rod to get the fish in the boat.

The key to Christie’s pattern was fishing areas where he could cast to the bank. This was not an easy task with Beaver Lake being eight feet above seasonal pool. Also, the area had to have bait present for the fish to bite.

In the end, Christie ended up just over three pounds short of winning his first FLW Tour event. While it may be disappointing, Christie has proven that going against the norm can put an angler in contention to win bass tournaments. While the majority of other anglers threw shaky heads on light line with spinning reels, Christie’s technique of power fishing a YUM Tube and YUM Wooly Hawg landed him in first place after day three and almost an FLW Open title.

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