Jeff Knapp is a licensed fishing guide, outdoor writer and photographer from Kittanning, Pa. He recently tested some YUM Money Craws in his local waters and provided this report.

"I've found the Yum Money Craw to be an effective alternative to a minnow-shaped soft swimbait when river smallmouths are in the mood for a moving bait. I rig it with a belly-weighted hook, just as I would a soft swimbait. Whereas the swimbait tends to be most effective with a steady retrieve, I prefer to use a bit of stop and go with the Money Craw, so the bait has a chance to fall vertically while those swimming pinchers do their thing. But I still keep it moving, not a hop and fall deal as with a jig.

I've had the most success swimming the craw for river smallies in clear to slightly stained conditions. And thanks to its more slender profile, the hook up ratio for smallmouths is higher than with a minnow-shaped bait.

A couple days ago I gave the Money Craw a good workout on one of the local largemouth lakes. I rigged a Money Craw on the back of a 5/16-ounce skirted swimming jig. During a three-hour period I caught 15 largemouths up to four pounds on the combo. The lake I was fishing has beds of milfoil out to about eight feet, along with some thick tufts of water celery in shallower water (three feet or so). The swim jig/Money Craw combo was ideal for pitching up next to the shallow weeds and allowed to drop (in typical flippin jig fashion). Then I would swim it back through the milfoil, allowing it to bump into stalks of weeds. Both the vertical and horizontal retrieves produced fish." -- Jeff

Editor's note: The YUM Money Craw is available in 2 3/4-, 3 3/4- and 4 3/4-inch lengths and six unique color patterns. A versatile soft plastic, it can be used as a trailer on a jig or Texas- or Carolina-rigged to take the place of a tube or creature bait. The big paddle-claws create tremendous water displacement totally different than any other soft-plastic craw.