Some fishing lures are made for saltwater, others for fresh, and some become stellar performers in both, catching fierce redfish and toothy speckled trout in the salt and largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass (as well as stripers, panfish, etc.) in fresh. Two of the most surprising YUM baits to see success in fresh and salt are the Money Craw and the Houdini Shad, two originally made to see only fresh water.

The YUM Money Craw was designed for flipping and pitching on a Texas rig or as a jig trailer for freshwater anglers after big largemouth and smallmouth, and is credited with several wins at the top level of bass fishing competition. The added weight on the curved claws violently flail and swim when pulled, and that gave competition redfish angler Barnie White an idea. Why not try one on a jighead under a Paradise Popper X-Treme popping cork. Those flailing claws resemble the swimming action of a shrimp.

It worked, and White has used this rig to win and place high in IFA Redfish Tournaments. Another captain in the salt and dedicated redfish tournament angler, Keith Bird, always liked the YUM Houdini Shad in both fresh and saltwater because the bait is built to be adjusted by the angler; the tail is perforated to be clipped for various actions. Leave it to an angler to create one the company didn’t consider.
When left as is, the tail provides a slow sink with tantalizing undulation. The center point can be punched out to provide a quicker sink rate. The back half of the tail can be completely pinched away to produce a classic “V” tail. The front quarter can be removed so the bait produces a thump like a spinnerbait. Bird discovered that by separating the perforation for the back half and clipping one side, the bait produces an erratic swimming action that turns on tight-lipped redfish and trout.