YUM is proud to introduce three drop shot/finesse worms for the 2015 fishing season that put the crosshairs right on trophy smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass. The Warning Shot, Kill Shot and Sharp Shooter worms feature shapes designed by top pros, and colors are limited to only the most productive looks.

These new baits are made by anglers right here in the USA. Here are the descriptions of new YUM drop shot/finesse worms:

warning shotWarning Shot
The new Warning Shot drop shot and finesse bait features hand-pour quality and a unique, thin blade-shaped tail that moves with the slightest twitch or breath of current. This 3 ¾-inch ribbed worm has a flat bottom to exaggerate the natural up-and-down swimming action and a slashing, blade-like tail that wags back-and-forth like a puppy dog tail.

Successful drop shotting often depends on creating bait action in a stationary position, and the soft, pliable ribbed body and thin tail on the new Warning Shot produces that tantalizing action. Perfect for drop shotting or rigged on a jig and used as a finesse worm.

The new YUM Warning Shot is available in eight color patterns requested by our pro anglers.

kill shotKill Shot
Drop-shot baits must be soft and supple to produce a realistic look and feel to catch bass in clear-water or during neutral feeding modes, and until now the only way to get the right plastic consistency was to go with a hand-poured worm – an expensive and sometimes frustrating choice. The new YUM Kill Shot gives you a consistency comparable to hand-poured baits without the frustration of searching for limited inventory or paying out the nose for them.

The YUM Kill Shot features a flat bottom for a dependable horizontal attitude on the hook, and a ribbed body that produces fish-attracting water displacement. Add to that a raised vertical ridge along the tail to enhance both side-to-side and up-and-down swimming action and you’ve got your next go-to drop shot or finesse worm bait. The Kill Shot is available in eight color patterns proven to catch all species of bass. YUM Kill Shots are made in the USA.

The new YUM Kill Shot drop shot bait is 3.75-inches in length and is available in eight bass-focused color patterns.
sharp shooters
sharp shooterSharp Shooter
The new YUM Sharp Shooter drop shot and finesse worm features all of the qualities of a hand-pour – soft, supple plastic, a flat bottom that provides a horizontal attitude on the hook, and a flat, thin tail flare. While the Sharp Shooter is designed for use on a drop shot rig, it also catches bass when rigged on a light-wire jighead or even a downsized Texas rig.

The new Sharp Shooter worms are thin in diameter to increase that lifelike undulation that triggers strikes. The Sharp Shooter features a soft, smooth body, and the enticing spear-like tail moves with every rod twitch or tiny breath of current.

The new YUM Sharp Shooter drop shot and finesse worm is available in two sizes, 4 ½- and 6-inches, and is available in 10 color patterns selected by pro anglers to be effective in all water conditions, from gin-clear to murky.

Each and every new YUM drop shot worm -- in fact almost all YUM soft plastic bass baits -- are made with American pride right here in the USA, and each includes our proprietary scent for added attraction. It's proven, fish strike quicker and hold on longer to a bait with our attractant added. Be proud buying YUM, then be sure to take a photo of your trophy catch, release the bass and post the picture to our facebook page!